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New Year´s Owl, 1986The New Year´s Owl: Encounters With Animals, People & the Land They Share

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A collection of 31 nature essays eloquently capturing the spirit of life in rural Maine. Raised in New York City, Shetterly moved to Maine some 16 years ago with her husband and young son after becoming thorouphly disillusioned with city life. What she found was a life style demanding hard physical labor, but allowing ample time for quiet contemplation and her long-sought connection with the land. Arranged by season, rather than chronologically, the stories depict both the pleasures and difficulties of rustic living, and are generously laden with colorful descriptions as well as sound information about the local wildlife and vegetation. Whether explaining a starfish's regenerative abilities, telling of her travails tapping maple trees for sap, or, in her work as a wild-bird rehabilitator, helping to save a crippled robin (who, though it will never fly, mates and has young who can and do), Shetterly's prose is artful and warm. And, in addition to keen observations of natural life, Shetterly's pieces bespeak an acceptance of nature and its cycles of life and death, and an intolerance for man's tampering with the environment--a philosophy that subtly surfaces throughout. For nature buffs, and ""back to the earthers"" in particular.Kirkus 


Shelterwood, 1999Shelterwood

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Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, 2000 —Children's Book Council/NSTA

"The book's title-a description of how big trees protect the smaller ones-is indicative of the diverse ways of nurturing represented within this volume, including how the natural world nourishes people." —Publishers Weekly

"Shetterly's writing is spare but evocative. McCall's dreamy oil-paint illustrations perfectly complement the story." Maine Times


Muwin, 1993Muwin and the Magic Hare

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A Notable Book in the Field of Social Studies, 1993 —Children's Book Council/NSTA


Raven´s Light, 1991Raven´s Light: A Myth From the People of the Northwest Coast

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Tinker, 1990The Tinker of Salt Cove

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Although set in a bygone era, the themes--of the human longing for love and friendship, and the inevitability of change--are immediate. The many strong woodcuts throughout evoke the time and place of this quiet, moving story. -- School Library Journal 

Dwarf Wizard, 1990The Dwarf Wizard of Uxmal

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A husband and wife team presents a rarely told folk tale set in Mayan Yucatan. Tol, a tiny boy hatched from an egg and raised by a poor old woman, announces to the governor of Uxmal that he is a dwarf wizard and then is challenged to a series of tests. After he balances a sow on his finger, squeezes a block of stone into a pebble, persuades the rain god to end a drought, and builds a temple in a day, the governor concedes that he is defeated; as the old woman has predicted, Tel takes his place. Presented in five chapters, this picture-book version of the legend is told in gracefully precise language. In their use of humor, informal line, and splashy color, the full-page watercolor illustrations are somewhat reminiscent of Galdone. Welcome as an entertaining story, as well as an addition to the sparse body of Hispanic folklore for children. – Kirkus Reviews