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  • Susan Hand Shetterly

Seaweed Enterprises

Seaweed Chronicles came out on August 7. Since then, I have been giving radio interviews and speaking and reading at a number of events. It is a big change from the concentrated silence of putting a book together, but what encourages me is the public’s interest in the inshore habitat, its seaweeds and wildlife, and its health.

We are moving into a time of increasing climate shifts. One way to meet them is to make sure that our wild systems are not fractured or polluted or overharvested, that they are as healthy as we can make them. How else can we prepare them for the assault of temperature and rising water?

I have been asked for a list of businesses that sell species of wild-cut and aquaculture-harvested seaweeds as sea vegetables. You can easily find a complete list on the Internet of all seaweed enterprises on both the East and West Coasts.

Here are the businesses of the harvesters who are featured in my book and who spent so much time – with such patience – to teach me what I needed to know:

Ironbound Island Seaweed The Seaweed Man Ocean’s Balance Atlantic Holdfast Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Springtide Seaweed

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